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Your Online Psychologist
Live your freed life as a lesbian, bisexual or queer woman.
Live your life independently from the heteronormative life concept and accept yourself to a happy and healthy self!

You are a lesbian, bisexual or queer identifying woman who is ready to make the next step towards her dream life?  

You have enough of heteronormative coaching offers where you are just put in a hetero box and your true self is ignored?

Are you ready to be your best and truest self?

Do you want to accept yourself fully and start living your dream?

Book your free Clarity Talk now, if you ...

  • finally want to live YOUR life and do not want to live the life plans of others.

  • want to go the next step in your change, reorientation or transition consistently and reliably.

  • want to be coached worldwide ONLINE by someone who knows the reality of life as a same-sex loving woman from their own experience.

  • are open and strive towards a happier future!.

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This is right for you, if you ...

  • want to get to know me and my work

  • need regular inspiration for everyday life

  • want to connect with other women who are on the same path as you

What my customers say:

"I finally live the life that suits me as a woman-loving woman and not the life that the hetero-world expects of me. »

—  Nicole

I believed for the longest time of my life that there was no place for me in this world. When I got my coming-out, a knot burst: on the one hand it was a huge liberation and on the other hand a (hetero) world collapsed. I could / had to recreate my place in the hetero-world.


Years later I slipped into a burnout. Nothing was more. I could and needed to re-create a world where I could stay healthy.


Today I can live 100% of my dream life and be the best version of myself every day.


During my studies as a psychologist, I wrote all my research papers on "Specific Aspects in Counseling and Therapy for Homosexuals and Bisexual People". Namely, because I wanted to understand how counseling / therapy works, when homosexuality was only deleted from 1992 in the diagnostic manuals for mental illness and the goal of counseling / treatment is suddenly no longer the reversal of sexual orientation.


In recent years, I have also helped many same-sex-loving people to take their next steps (job, partnership, family ...), to accept what they are like, to reach their full potential and reach their full potential. I work worldwide ONLINE with you.

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