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General Terms and conditions

for kalbermatter coaching and counseling


kalbermatter COUNSELING is not a therapy and does not replace it. Customers have full responsibility for themselves and their actions within and outside the counseling sequence. kalbermatter COUNSELING is a service and not the achievement of a certain success. kalbermatter COUNSELING is a free, active and self-responsible process. kalbermatter COUNSELING is help for self-help.



To arrange a free get-to-know-each-other appointment (max. 30 min.) you can book me via https://www.kalbermatter-beratung.ch/termin or reach me via e-mail, via the contact form, by phone or by messaging (Messages, WhatsApp ...). You can find my coordinates on my website www.kalbermatter-beratung.ch under Contact.


Cancellation of an appointment

A free cancellation of a counseling sequence is possible up to 24 hours before the agreed date. Thereafter, the fee will be charged in full.



Online Counseling

CHF 130.00 / hour (50 min.)

Flat CHF 350 / month * (response time 72h weekdays)

Flat CHF 450 / month * (response time 48h weekdays)


* The Online Counseling monthly offer includes unlimited chat / mail interaction during the booked month and additionally, if desired, an audio or video chat Counseling (50 min.)


Personal Counseling

CHF 160.00 / hour (50 min.)


Terms of payment

Payment is made after a Personal Counseling sequence in cash (Twint, Paypal, Stripe...) and Online Counseling in advance (Twint, Paypal, Stripe...) through the appointment booking process (https://www.kalbermatter-beratung.ch/termin).



I, Dunja Kalbermatter, undertake to inform the customer about all operational, business and private matters that have become known within the scope of my work as a Counselor. The customer, even after the end of the Counseling process, to maintain unlimited confidentiality towards third parties.


No liability can be accepted for any consequences arising from participation in a counseling session. 

The information and opinions on this site are not intended to be exhaustive of the subject matter, are not advice, and should not be construed as a substitute for specific advice. 


Although I endeavor to ensure that the information on this website is correct, I can not guarantee that it is correct, complete, suitable or otherwise. I exclude my own liability and otherwise responsibility for any errors or omissions, and the consequences of using the information or the website. In addition, I take no responsibility for external internet sites and content that refer to this site or that are referred to by links or otherwise from this site. The documents and other works available on this website are protected by copyright and all rights reserved to the rights holder.


All documents handed over to the clientele are, unless otherwise agreed, included in the agreed fee. The copyright of the documents belongs solely to Dunja Kalbermatter. Customers are not permitted to copy the documents in whole or in part and / or make them available to third parties without the written consent of Dunja Kalbermatter.


Clients agree to the conclusion of a booking with these Terms and Conditions.


The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Zurich. It is applicable Swiss law.

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