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LGBT* Friendly 

During my research, I learned that LGBT people want to feel welcome in counseling or therapy.


I warmly welcome all people and look forward to meeting you!

Homosexuality and bisexuality have been pathologized in the past in the psychological setting. During my bachelor and master thesis I was able to find out which specific aspects are important in the counseling of homosexual and bisexual (LGB) persons.


Due to my open nature, I warmly welcome you four counseling and coaching. I am looking forward meeting you!

  • Bachelor Thesis: Specific counseling and therapy aspects for homosexual and bisexual clients over 50 years of age. A qualitative study. DGPPN Congress Berlin 2014: poster presentation

  • Master Thesis: Silver Rainbows. Specific formal and content needs of homosexual and bisexual women over 50 years of psychological counseling / psychotherapy - a quantitative survey.

*Acronym for Homo-, Bi- und Trans*People

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