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Your Online Psychologist
How I view the world

My world and thus also human image is characterized by the constructivist way of thinking. Here it is assumed that a recognized object is constructed by the observing person himself through the cognition. Accordingly, everything that is constructed by the person can also be restructured. It is always a question of sight!

Coaching approach

In my world, problems are constructs, time and time. Depending on the situation, it is only perceived by the person concerned in their reality. Each problem is unique, is only perceived by that person, and represents reality to them at the moment of experiencing the problem.

  • I offer help for self-help by working together ...

  • gain new perspectives & create choices

  • Discover and use strengths (resources)

  • focus on solutions (solution-oriented)

  • build on success


Customers are experts in their problems and solutions. I am happy to accompany you worldwide ONLINE during this process of finding a solution!


dunja kalbermatter

Psychologist MSc ZFH

Dipl. Business Economist HF


My mission statement

My vocation is to act sincerely and honestly that people trust me by having me humans are important I am important to me I give my full attention I see the way as a goal I never stop doubting I work to live and not live to work

The following roles are important in my life:










Professional background

  • Relational Business and Management Assistant, Institute for Relational Counseling + Further Education (IRBW) i.A. (2019)

  • Relational Coach (IRBW) (2018)

  • Specialist Psychologist SBAP (Swiss Professional Association for Applied Psychology) (2016)

  • Master of Science ZFH in Applied Psychology, specialization: Developmental and Personality Psychology (2016) Internship at the Institute of Applied Psychology (IAP), Zurich / Center for Leadership, Coaching & Change Management Support and co-trainer in further education courses (CAS consulting in practice),

  • co-assessor in the MAS Leadership & Management Development Center (2015)

  • Bachelor of Science ZFH in Applied Psychology, specialization: Developmental and Personality Psychology (2014) Internship

  • Lesbian Counseling, Berlin Cooperation in the psychosocial field; Independent advice and referral by telephone and electronically.

  • Participation in supervision and intervision. (2014)

  • Business Advisor UBS Dipl. Betriebswirtschafterin HF (2006)



  • Article Way with the "old braids" in Psychology in Learning Organization, Journal of Relational Management and Organization (2018)

  • Report Online Consultation, ZHAW Applied Psychology, from teaching to practice

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